How we Involve Apostolic Gifts in the Church

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NCF DNA Standard Portfolio Feature APOSTOLIC GIFTS

By Grant Crawford.

Some principles we have learned over the years from Dudley Daniel

  • How to receive an apostolic gift (transfer trust & take seriously)
  • Nonsense regarding titles
  • Invited vs imposed authority (the dangers of invited authority are selective inclusion and “playing the field”. The dangers of imposed authority are “control related” and too scary to contemplate)
  • Realms of government that need apostolic involvement (discipline, doctrine, direction, ordination, finance, succession )
  • Primary vs secondary relationships need to be considered. Ie, who do we partner primarily with and who are simply friends in the ministry.
  • Apostolic giving needs to be considered and managed with conviction
  • Don’t build on guest speakers

Some principles we have learned through the NCMI transition

  • The nature of apostolic teams, leadership and roles of 5 fold gifts
  • The value of apostolic vehicles such as missions and regional training times, church planter courses etc.
  • The value of honour
  • The reality of autonomy in a local church and the wisdom of inviting governmental perspective from trusted voices.

Some conclusions that we have come to regarding how a local church relates to apostolic teams

  • There are five distinct arenas that we express our apostolicity
  • Receiving of ministry gifts (as the elders feel the need for the local church, from various movements around the world )
  • Friendship (all elders encouraged to have friends with pastors outside NCF)
  • Governmental bouncing board (we have selected 4 NCMI men familiar with multisite and our journey to speak into NCF elders forums- not necessarily Sunday)
  • Partnership, sowing into (Primarily , not exclusively NCMI)
  • Training resourcing (Primarily, not exclusively NCMI)

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